S•HEART•S "Scalp Brush"


Scalp Brush + 

  • Totals 572 nylon fibres
  • A Lightening Detox 
  • Enhanced Effects
  • An A+ In Detailing


  • Thanks to its massaging beads at the end of the fibres, SCALP BRUSH gently eliminates residues and flakes.
  • Increasing the cleaning power effectiveness of the shampoo.
  • SCALP BRUSH enhances effectiveness of balms and masks.
  • Stimulates microcirculation, helps spread evenly shampoo along the hair.

After tickling our fantasies with the Scalp Brush for several years, a unique brush that gave us enhanced shampooing, gentle detangling and a more consistent spread, the Japanese S.HEART.S is back with another exciting creation, the SCALP BRUSH +. Exclusively available in Japan until now and developed in cooperation with the contest hosting the biggest names in Japanese hairdressing, SCALP BRUSH + is coming to Europe. The new SCALP BRUSH + is decorated with a chrome-silver coat.

Tested daily on more than 100 different shampoos

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