CLAUS PORTO Double Almond Milk Soap



Different generations of women with one thing in common: their refined beauty and elegance. Their secret? Rich almond milk. The classic sweetness of this soap will give you a feeling of familiar comfort. Double’s rich and silky formula contains pistachio nut seed oil to softly cleanse and hydrate the skin. Hand-wrapped in an exquisite packaging with designs that draw on Claus Porto’s centenary graphic archives, each soap is presented as a piece of art - timeless and unique.

5,3 oz / 150g

Top Notes: Rose and violet
Heart Notes: Almond and hawthorn
Base Notes: Vanilla and tonka
Set the mood right with a delicate and warm embrace. Double’s almondy scent will make your skin feel soft and lightly perfumed. This romantic fragrance takes a classic duo of rose and violet and pairs it with the intensity of almond milk. Warm tonka and vanilla are then added for a perfect fusion of flavorsome scents.