CLAUS PORTO Fox Trot Violet Soap



She was full of surprises: intense like a storm but also delicate as a fresh picked violet. “Take my hand, my love. Let´s dance the night away!” – she said. And so he did. Whimsical and powdery, this soap will comfort your skin like a soft caress. Fox trot ’s rich and silky formula contains mango seed oil to softly nourish and cleanse the skin. Hand-wrapped in an exquisite packaging with designs that draw on Claus Porto’s centenary graphic archives, each soap is presented as a piece of art - timeless and unique.

5,3 oz / 150g

Top Notes: Blackcurrant and galbanum.
Heart Notes: Violet, mimosa and peony.
Base Notes: Vetiver, musk and raspberry.
Dance in the shower with the smooth powdery touch of silky peony and violet. Fox trot ’s lovely scent will give your skin the delicateness of rosy flowers and the sweetness of ripe redberries In this candied, feminine fragrance, there is a floral harmony between violet, mimosa and peony. Sugary notes of blackcurrant and raspberry are seasoned with base accords of musk and vetiver for the perfect final twist.