CLAUS PORTO Mirror Pomegranate Soap



A young girl looks at herself on a silver mirror. “Who’s the fairest of them all?,” she wonders. Fruity and luminous, this soap will help you feel elegant and sophisticated. Mirror’s rich and silky formula contains pistachio nut seed oil to softly cleanse and hydrate the skin. Hand-wrapped in an exquisite packaging with designs that draw on Claus Porto’s centenary graphic archives, each soap is presented as a piece of art - timeless and unique.

5,3 oz / 150g

Top Notes: Red fruit, orange and green accord
Heart Notes: pomegranate, plum and jasmine
Base Notes: musk, violet and woody accord
Indulge in the delicate combination of fruits and flowers for a luxurious bathing experience. Mirror’s sparkling scent will make your skin feel clean and with a soft powdery touch. This juicy and revitalizing fragrance combines the fresh sweetness of ripe pomegranate, with red fruits and plum. Elegant jasmine, violet and musk are added for a classic powdery finish.