CLAUS PORTO MUSGO REAL Soap On a Rope Black Edition


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Black Edition is a surprising and contemporary soap, that will make you feel clean and detoxed, transforming your overall bathing experience. It is infused with jojoba and organic grape-seed oils to condition, and with bamboo charcoal powder deeply cleanse the skin. Each soap on a rope comes with the Musgo Real’s emblematic pure cotton cord manually inserted by our expert staff for a firm grip, and it is hand-wrapped according to Claus Porto’s tradition.

6,7 oz / 190g

Top Notes: Bergamot, lemon and juniper berries

Heart Notes: Cacao, nutmeg and cardamom

Base Notes: Vetiver, patchouli, cedar and tonka bean





A purifying ritual to detox and rejuvenate. Musgo Black Edition Soap on a Rope’s fragrance is expertly fashioned around a base of vetiver and cedar, patchouli and sweet tonka; at its dark heart is a seductive blend of ganache and exotic spice combined with zesty top notes from juniper, lemon and bergamot.