CLAUS PORTO Ondina Sea Mist Soap



A mysterious woman rises from the waves. A dark-haired water nymph, with sea breeze in her face and the world at her feet. Clean and aquatic, this soap will give you a feeling of inner vitality. Ondina’s rich and silky formula contains mango seed oil to softly hydrate and cleanse the skin. Hand-wrapped in an exquisite packaging with designs that draw on Claus Porto’s centenary graphic archives, each soap is presented as a piece of art - timeless and unique.

5,3 oz / 150g

Top Notes: Bergamot
Heart Notes: White flowers, vetiver
Base Notes: Musk, cedar, sandalwood
Enjoy the invigorating coolness of bergamot and salt flower. Ondina’s lively scent will swaddle your skin, as refreshing as sea breeze. This marine, white floral combines also the crispness of bergamot with the depth of woody notes of cedar and sandalwood.