DAVINES OI Liquid Luster 300ml


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The fast-acting liquid rinse has a noticeable effect on the hair after the first use. Its formula smooths the hair cuticle, leaving it healthy, shiny and silky. This is the ideal product for those occasions when you need an immediate effect, leaving your hair shiny and silky!

Annatto oil, which contains antioxidants, helps to reduce the damaging effects of aggressive environmental factors.

Alpha hydroxy acid from grape must seals the hair cuticle and promotes a compact feeling, improving the shine of the hair.

Cordon oil is a biodegradable lightweight oil that adds shine and manageability to the hair.

After washing, squeeze excess water from hair. Divide hair into several sections and apply the product from the middle to the ends. Rinse and apply conditioner or mask if necessary. See dosage instructions on the side of the bottle. Apply one dose (20 ml) to short hair and 2 doses (40 ml) to long hair. Use an additional dose for very long or very curly hair.