DAVINES ENERGIZING Seasonal Superactive


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Davines Energizing Seasonal Superactive Serum will help prevent hair loss caused by seasonal changes or too much stress. It not only reduces hair loss, but also improves hair density and volume, making your worries non-existent. Don't stress, just use this serum and enjoy life.

The formula contains a hair energy complex that regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp, while moisturising the hair surface. Also included is agastache mexicana extract, which has anti-inflammatory activity. Paraben-free.

After washing and towel drying, apply the serum to the scalp. Massage until fully absorbed. Do not rinse. For intensive treatment: use every other day for 1 month. For adjuvant therapy: twice a week for 2 months. After a short break, resume the course of treatment if necessary.