Kure Bazaar "Kit Pedicure"



The Kure Bazaar pedicure kit contains a foot care mask and the essential tools to enjoy the pleasures of natural pedicure at home or during the week-end in the countryside - or to be provided to your favorite pedicurist.

Like in Brazil, slide your feet in the socks containing an exclusive Kure Bazaar natural foot care cream with organic barley, aloe vera and avocado extracts that prepares your feet and toenails for pedicure. No water needed and a lot of time saved!

You can also use your Kure Bazaar pedicure socks as a foot beauty and soothing mask for hydrated and smooth skin.


  • 1 pair of socks infused with Kure Bazaar pedicure cream
  • 1 file
  • 1 wooden cuticle pusher

Natural pedicure kit for all skin types, suitable for sensitive feet pedicure.