KURE BAZAAR Nail Polish Remover



What it is
Kure Bazaar Nail Polish Remover Rose is a completely safe and clean 100% natural nail polish remover with an oil-like texture that does not whiten nor dry the nails or hands, leaving nails feeling hydrated and soft. Made from solvents from wheat, corn and cane sugar, this remover is free from acetone and ethyl acetate, and so there is no unpleasant smell and it will actually nourish your nails rather than strip them of their natural oils or leave them brittle.

Key Ingredients
- Rose nourishes, soothes and calms
- Rosehip oil has skin healing properties ; restores softness and suppleness
- Patchouli has relaxing and regenerating properties

How to Use
Apply a small amount of Kure Bazaar Nail Polish Remover Rose to an organic cotton pad and press and hold on the nail surface for a second before rubbing the polish off.