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Phytoestrogen Anti-Aging Facial Mask

The combination of available plant hormone-like substances, peptides and enhancers eliminates the root cause of the skin elasticity loss while stimulating the synthesis of collagen fibers (extract of Kigelia Africana and regulatory peptides). It strengthens and smoothes the skin (Quillaja saponaria extract and grape seed oil). This product provides an antioxidant effect (Vitamin E and Q10 coenzyme). It protects, nourishes and facilitates skin cell renewal (allantoin and Vitamins A, F, B5). It restores the natural level of elasticity and moisture content (glycosaminoglycans).


Contains: Kigelia Africana extract, regulatory peptides, Quillaja saponaria extract, grape seed oil, Vitamin E, Q10 coenzyme, allantoin, Vitamins A, F, B5 and glycosaminoglycans.

Volume: 100 ml

Application: Apply a thick layer of the product for 10–15 minutes avoiding contact with eyes, wash it off with warm water and apply Phytoestrogen Serum or Fluid. It is recommended to be used 1-2 times a week.

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