MARGY'S POUR LA VIE Brightness Revealing Mask 50ml


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Perfect for a dull or tired skin for  instant radiance. Hydrates the deeper  layers stimulating the circulation and  brightening leaving the skin refreshed  from the inside out after the first  application.

Function: Brightening Mask.

Action: This mask will help your skin breathe better  by hydrating the deep layers of the epidermis,  stimulating the blood circulation. Your skin will be  brightened and regenerated from the first  application.

Use: In addition to your night care: when your skin is  uncomfortable or tired, apply the mask generously  all over the face, around the eyes (avoiding moving  eyelids), neck and décolleté. Leave for 20 minutes  until the mask is absorbed, Massage, Remove with the Lotion N°1 or Leave it overnight.

Repeat 2 to 3 times per week.