MARGY'S POUR LA VIE Extremely Nutritive Cream 50ml


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Contains moisturising, invigorating and  energising ingredients, leaving  dehydrated and dull skins feeling  supple and soft. Enhances skin  elasticity and silkiness.

Function: Night Cream.

Action: Essential night care For All Skin Types.  Contains an exclusive cocktail of ingredients with  moisturising, firming, invigorating properties,  which give suppleness and softness to loose,  sluggish skins. Thus treating the visible signs of  skin aging.


Dry and Dehydrated Skin: apply in the evening all over the face.

If necessary, apply a very thick layer (like a mask)  allowing it to penetrate (preferably one hour before  bed).

Can also be used in the morning for very dry  to dehydrated skin.

Combination or Oily Skin: apply in the evening,  avoiding the median zone.