MARGY'S POUR LA VIE The Olive Gel 200ml


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The Olive Gel can be used in the  shower, bath or as a nourishing  shampoo leaving your hair  beautifully shiny. It leaves the skin  feeling soft and silky.

Function: Cleansing Gel for Body and Hair.

Action: Use it bath or shower, the olive oil combined with the  coconut oil provides a feeling of well being. Provides suppleness  and elasticity of the skin, leaving the skin silky and pleasantly  scented. Can also be used as a shampoo - nourishes your hair  giving a beautiful shine.

Use: In the bath or in the shower, apply on the entire body and hair. It  will give a lustrous look to hair.

You can also pour a few drops in the bath to obtain a creamy  foam that will not dry your skin out.