MARGY'S PRESTIGE Energizing Eye Zone Cream 30ml


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This sublime eye cream  effectively treats the fragile  eye contour area. Its active  properties nourish,  regenerate and firm  improving the skin’s elasticity  by smoothing fine lines and  wrinkles.

Function: Eye Contour Cream.

Action: acts like an anti-aging balm for the fragile eye  area. Its active ingredients soften, nourish, regenerate,  improve skin elasticity, and firm by smoothing out fine  lines and wrinkles.

Use: Morning and /or evening: to obtain a good result in the  crow’s feet, dark circles, eye contour - apply the cream  after the eye contour renovating fluid

For optimal results, you can apply it in a thick layer and let  it penetrate one hour before bed (avoiding the eyelids).

Suitable For Dry, Dehydrated,  Sensitive, Oily and Combination Skin.