MARGY'S PRESTIGE Face Lift Collagen Mask


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From the first application of this  mask made from pure collagen,  the skin will be plumped, fine lines  reduced and the complexion  radiant.

Function: Anti-aging Mask with Collagen.

Action: The mask is composed of native collagen fibers  giving a sensation of “second skin”. Soaked with  hyaluronic acid, from the first application the skin will be  instantly plumped and hydrated, the wrinkles faded and  the complexion radiant.

Use: Dry and Dehydrated Skin: can be used when required every day especially during the summer/winter or at least  twice a week, (preferably in the evening 1 hour before bed) leave for 20 minutes.

Combination or Oily Skin: use this mask once a week, preferably in the evening 1 hour before bed, leave for 20 minutes.

Perfect before a party for a smooth, radiant and  hydrated skin.