DAVINES More Inside Medium Hold Modeling Gel 250 ml


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Davines "this is a medium hold modelling gel" modelling gel has all the qualities you are looking for. It's even ideal for curly hair, giving it elasticity and volume, making it jump for joy. The gel helps define your hair quickly and easily, giving it structure and eliminating frizz. No worries about leaving residue on your hair and thanks to the gel's quick drying action, your hair will be ready in minutes.

The formula contains additional moisturising factors to help hydrate the hair structure. Extreme Resistance Factor. The formula is paraben-free and without added colouring agents.

Apply a small amount of product to dry hair and then style to your liking. Can also be applied to towel-dried hair before styling. Depending on the thickness, length and desired effect, apply 4-8g of product.