About us

Good day to each and every one of you!
My name is Kristine and I am pleased to welcome You to my platform of the beauty of life.

My company represents the luxury segment in perception of the quality of products, result and philosophy.

I have been working in the beauty business for 10 years as a distributor of luxury brands. Besides that, I am the owner of a premium-class beauty salon Ambassade de la Beaute Riga, which serves the most selective clients who value quality and advance in the world of cosmetics and care.

My business philosophy is my lifestyle and experience. Patricestore is my new project, my dream, towards which I have been going for more than two years. It is a challenge for myself in achieving my goals, and it is my absolute confidence that, despite globalization and competition, I can offer the products with guaranteed results and luxurious quality. The choice of brands is based on the insider knowledge of the beauty industry and comprehension of the product creation process in terms of production, ingredients and functions.

On our website You can purchase products that would become an essential part of Your lifestyle, which would bring comfort and emotions for You every day.

My team and I created a project that we believe in and care for. We want to share our idea with people who feel alike.

Welcome to our world of beauty!

We promise You to keep opening up new horizons and at the same time the unforgettable sensations in the world of beauty.